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Incredible Rates on Medicare Supplements

GCU offers very competitive rates in the healthcare industry. Having their members financial interests at heart since 1892. GCU has a rich history committed to providing a foundation for your family's future.

Why Choose GCU

Telephonic and Express Applications

Our telephonic and express apps save you time and paperwork while eliminating many of the errors and second-guessing in traditional applications.
*Plans not available in all states. Plans vary by state

Top Selling Plans

GCU offers a full complement of plans including A, B, C, F, G, and N.

*Plans not available in all states. Plans vary by state

24-48 Hour Turnaround on Contracting

GCU offers a very speedy contracting process. We value your time, because we know that time is money!

*Plans not available in all states. Plans vary by state

7% Household Discount

Applicants may qualify for an additional savings of 7%. In most states, only one person needs to apply to receive the discount.

*Plans not available in all states. Plans vary by state

GCU Rapid Response Bonus

Receive a $500 bonus for every 4 approved underwritten Medicare Supplement applications!
Qualification period EXTENDED January 1st - March 31st, 2018.

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About GCU

We are a family-oriented organization with a rich history committed to serving the foundational financial interests of members of all ages. Our roots extend back to 1892, when a little over 700 immigrants from East Central Europe combined their meager assets of about $600 to form our Fraternal Benefit Society. Their guiding principle was to help each other in times of need. Since 1892, GCU has successfully managed its assets, thus earning the trust of our members. They, in turn, respond by introducing others to the benefits of GCU membership.

Financial Strength

According to an independent report by Standard Analytical Service, publisher of independent insurance reports since 1932, GCU has incredible financial strength. For 2014, GCU held over $1.1 billion in assets with over $235 million in total income for the year. GCU's strong model of financial growth has allowed a solvency of assets of $106.39- well above the average solvency of the 25 leading life insurance companies.